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09 March 2011
Mark Weldon to lead Govt Appeal

Prime Minister John Key today announced Mark Weldon, Chief Executive of NZX, will spearhead the fundraising efforts of the Government’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

“Mr Weldon has a wealth of experience both in New Zealand and overseas, and has the networks to enable the appeal to be a truly global one,” says Mr Key.

“I’m very pleased Mr Weldon has offered his expertise and donated his time to oversee the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal during its fundraising period.”

Mr Weldon will take a four- to six-week leave of absence from NZX in order to fulfil his role.

The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal is the Government’s official, global fundraiser for the recovery effort for Christchurch and the Canterbury region.

Donations can be made at or by texting ‘chch’ to 933 from Telecom, Vodafone and 2 Degrees mobile phones.

Donations can also be made at any New Zealand bank branch into account number 03-0251-0039807-00.


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#1 - Paula Wagstaff said:
2011-03-10 12:59 - (Reply)

Congratulations. Right man for the right job. However, can increasing our food production by at least double what was originally inteended be considered, be added to the mix. We will ned this next year, not just for NZ, but as a trade/swap barganing tool. And PLEASE do nt say next yer, nobody thought of it...or if only we had nknown.

#2 - Paula Wagstaff 2011-03-20 10:36 - (Reply)

20 March NZ Herald FUKUSHIMA, Japan - In the first sign that contamination from Japan's stricken nuclear complex had seeped into the food chain, officials said that radiation levels in spinach and milk from farms near the tsunami-crippled facility exceeded government safety limits" Here is the FIRST reason WHY we need to grwo MORE FOOD !!!!!!!

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