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11 October 2011
John Key unveils new election hoardings

National Party Leader John Key is helping hammer in the first of a new series of election hoardings in Hamilton today.

"At this election New Zealanders face an important choice. They will choose whether to support a strong, stable National-led Government that remains focused on the things that matter, or Opposition parties that advocate complicated new taxes and increased borrowing."

Mr Key says each of the seven hoardings features a part of National's plan to grow the economy, build exports, create jobs, reduce debt and improve public services.

"Kiwi families understand that New Zealand and the world have faced significant challenges in the past three years. The National-led Government has worked hard to take the rough edges off the recession for the vulnerable, and at the same time get our books back in order sooner.

"An earlier return to surplus gives future governments more choices, and National is focused on that goal."

The seven hoardings feature the following messages:

1. Balance The Books Sooner
2. More Exports, More Real Jobs
3. Rebuilding Christchurch
4. Tax And Welfare Incentives For Work
5. Building Roads, Rail And Fast Broadband
6. Less Debt And Lower Interest Rates
7. Staying Strong On Crime

This is the first seven in a series of hoardings about National’s plans.


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#1 - Riaan Coetzee 2011-10-11 18:05 - (Reply)

Hi John, firstly I would like to thank you for all your efforts the past few years as our PM. You have had to deal with some very tragic situations and that you handled very well! The economic meltdown is not your fault and the people who do not understand that are not meant to govern in anycase. We trust you and wish you all of the very best so that we can provide you and National with a clear mandate to govern us. I would like to ask that we need to consider the following seriously as we need to curb our debt and we have the means to do so. We have Pike River etc that the Chinese now want to come in and get in to a joint venture with a Kiwi company that has the expertise to perform the work. THere is apparantly billions of dollars of coal there to be extracted. Lets do it ourselves and lets keep the proffits in NZ to cover our debts. Also with exploration of oil etc, we have to move on and perform controlled and environmentally friendly exploration to ensure that we are able to grow our economy for the future. I live next door to a National MP and I am proud to support what you and he does each day. THe sacrafice and the efforts do not go un noticed. HE is a young man but one that has the best interest of all NZ in his mind. I thank you for the time and also for just reading this email! Kind regards

#2 - richard 2011-10-16 15:15 - (Reply)

sadly someone in Timaru is attacking your signs :( but alas, thank you for your people putting them in the correct place. one political party, i wont say who, but has put a pile of red signs by a grave yard, that breaks my heart each time I see it, no respect.

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