22 March 2007
AUDIO: NewstalkZB farming show interview

22 March. National Party Leader John Key speaks with Jamie MacKay on the Newstalk ZB Farming Show. John predicts the dollar could go to 80 US cents, among other things.4:55

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22 March 2007
Labour shows contempt for New Zealanders

The Labour Government has shown utter contempt for New Zealanders and the democratic process with its plan to railroad the anti-smacking bill through Parliament, says National Party Leader John Key. "The Labour-led Government knows the measure is deeply unpopular, so it plans to act against the wishes of the majority of Kiwis and ram the bill through under urgency. "This is a deeply cynical abuse of power as Labour tries to clear the decks of this controversial issue. "Helen Clark has refused to let her MPs vote the way they really think on this bill. To ram it through under the cover of urgency shows just how out of touch her government has become. "Now, not content with riding over the top of the wishes of some of her MPs, she wants to ride over the top of the wishes of the majority of New Zealanders – while she's out of the country. "The Prime Minister also knows that she has been caught out saying one thing about the smacking ban before the election, and giving a different answer afterwards. "This is arrogant and cynical government at its very worst. This is not about good law, this is about Labour's political damage control."
News release

22 March 2007
Bush's body language on trade says it all

Helen Clark may have raised trade with President George W Bush but his body language when the subject was raised in front of the media said it all about New Zealand's chances, says National Party Leader John Key.

"It's clear that Helen Clark didn't even have trade at the top of the agenda when I criticised the lack of progress on an FTA before she left.

"The fact that she didn't have it high on her mind is unbelievable, and it's clear that she only raised it in the US because National raised the issue.

"And President Bush's reported reaction when trade was raised in front of the cameras after their meeting today speaks volumes.

"We have no hope of getting a trade deal before the next US presidential elections in 2008.

"This is a huge foreign policy failure by the Helen Clark-led Labour Government.

"She's had more than seven years to advance the relationship so we could at least get on the waiting list. But Labour has failed to even get New Zealand that far, while countries like Guatemala, Oman and Jordan - not to mention Australia - have jumped ahead.

"Instead, Helen Clark and her Labour Ministers have spent their time using anti-Americanism to play to a domestic audience in attacks on National – like Trevor Mallard's 'US bagman' allegations before the 2005 election.

"It's attacks like these that have seen no progress made on a free trade agreement – and Helen Clark has only herself to blame."