23 August 2007
RADIO: Farmingshow interview - strip clubs, Labour and the dollar

John and Jamie talk about John's "underwhelming" strip club visits - and other dirt-digging episodes thrown up recently by Labour - and what the allegations imply about the state of the Labour Government. Jamie points out that, based on the polls, the election appears to be National's to lose and John notes that there's a long time to the election but that the trends indicate New Zealanders may be ready for a change. On the dollar, John says there's so much volatility future trends are difficult to pick.
News release

23 August 2007
NEWS: Key dismisses latest smear attempt

National Party Leader John Key says he has no involvement in a leaky building issue which a newspaper report out today seeks to link him with.

The Truth has published a story claiming Mr Key is linked to a company involved in a leaky building court case.

“I can confirm that I am a shareholder in Earl of Auckland Ltd, along with the two businessmen mentioned in the story.

“The Earl of Auckland owns one commercial property in Auckland, which is not the subject of any leaky building claim.

“I have little knowledge of the leaky building issue cited in The Truth except for what I read in a NZ Herald story earlier this month [article link below].

“I have taken the issue of fairness and balance up with the editor of The Truth today [letter attached] as their reporter made no effort to contact me or my office before publication.

“This appears to be yet another attempt by my political opponents to smear me. It’s interesting that Health Minister Pete Hodgson mentioned the Earl of Auckland company on Morning Report today.

“The Labour Government should be concentrating on the real issues New Zealanders are concerned about – like the economy, high interest rates, and the appalling state of the health system – rather than spending all their efforts in personally attacking me.”

Click for copy of Word format letter to Truth