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25 November 2007
NEWS: John Key congratulates Kevin Rudd

National Party Leader John Key congratulates Australian Labor Leader Kevin Rudd on the Labor Party's victory in the Australian Federal Election.

Speaking from Antarctica today, Mr Key says Australia is an important partner for New Zealand in the region and he looks forward to continuation of the close relationship between the two countries.

"Mr Rudd represents a degree of change, and I look forward to learning more about his views on how we can continue to improve the trans-Tasman relationship.

"What is clear is that Australia will be a vigorous competitor for our people and our skills. New Zealand faces considerable challenges as a result."

Mr Key also paid tribute to John Howard.

"Mr Howard has been one of the most successful centre-right politicians of our time, presiding over a period of strong economic growth.  He has been a good friend to New Zealand and the New Zealand National Party wishes him well." 

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25 November 2007
AUDIO: John from Antarctica on the Australian Elections

25 November. Recorded via phone link between Wellington and Antarctica.