25 July 2007
VIDEO: Journal No.16

25 July. In this journal John covers a lot of ground, starting with the critical importance of a politically neutral civil service and efforts by leaders in the Labour Government to undermine that principle. John also talks about a new election spending reform bill that stands to muffle all voices but the Government's and shares his insights into the currency crisis.
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25 July 2007
NEWS: Reassurance lacking from Clark on public servants

Public servants are unlikely to be reassured by Helen Clark's failure to offer a personal view today on the idea of a conflict-of-interest register for public servants, says National Party Leader John Key. "The Prime Minister has the responsibility to set the tone from the very top. "It's not good enough to hide behind the State Services Commission on this issue, as she did in Parliament today. "I would think that civil servants will be worried that the Environment Ministry's plan for a conflict of interest register will be replicated in other departments and ministries. "It is important that a climate of fear isn't created in the public service over who someone's sibling or partner might be. "I note that the Public Service Association is concerned about this issue – and with good reason. "Under a National government, public servants will continue to be treated professionally."

25 July 2007
AUDIO: KiwiFM interview

25 July. Wallace Chapman’s regular chat on KiwiFM with John Key, Wednesdays 8:40am. This morning John talks about the rising dollar and interest rates, debt-free student loans creating a culture of debt and Harry Potter.