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02 November 2011
RMA changes to support growth, create jobs

Prime Minister and National Party Leader John Key today announced the National Party’s resource management policy, which includes a new six-month time limit on processing consents for medium-sized projects.

“Sensible management of our resources is critical to protecting our environment and building a stronger economy with more real jobs,” says Mr Key.

“We know that delays in processing resource consents are a huge frustration for businesses trying to expand, invest and create jobs.

“That’s why National is continuing its hard work to streamline and simplify the Resource Management Act.”

Mr Key announced National would establish a six-month time limit for decisions on regional projects such as new subdivisions, retail developments, infrastructure, and industrial developments.

“This is good news for businesses and for our economy because it means notified consents for medium-sized developments are processed quickly.

“It comes on top of National’s first phase of reforms, which reduced costs, uncertainties and delays for those building large national infrastructure and small non-notified consents.”

National’s next phase of reforms would also address the problems identified in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes.

“Councils should have to consider natural hazard risks such as liquefaction prior to approving new subdivisions,” says Mr Key.

National would also introduce changes to streamline the multiple planning processes of the Resource Management Act, Land Transport Management Act, and Local Government Act.

“We want to build on the work from the Technical Advisory Groups on urban design, so we do the planning only once and then get on with the work.

“Since we came into office, National has been working hard to balance our environmental responsibilities with our economic opportunities. If re-elected, we will continue our hard work to reduce red tape, speed up consent processing and improve compliance.”

View National’s resource management policy here: