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27 October 2008
Campaign blog: 27 October

The election campaign trail is truly a diverse beast.

John visits West Coast Tasman electorateOn Friday I was tasting the delights of fantastic whitebait patties in white bread at an eatery in Greymouth. This was in the middle of a visit to the West Coast where I received a great welcome from everyone I met. [Click image or here for video]

Later in the day I flew back to Christchurch before mingling the next morning with a large crowd at the Rangiora A and P show.

In the afternoon I flew to Auckland to attend a Diwali celebration in West Auckland. After that I went to TVNZ to film an episode of Eye to Eye.

It's all part and parcel of a day on the campaign trail.

Yesterday I had a number of media engagements in between attending another Diwali celebration in Wellington.

This was the third Diwali celebration I've attended in a week, and I have received a great reaction at all of them.

I get the feeling on the campaign trail that people are wanting a change, and the reaction I get at events such as the celebrations I attend with ethnic communities is no exception.

One of the things I've flagged this weekend are measures to temporarily help lower-income people through tough economic times should they be made unemployed.

I will be releasing details later this week but the aim is to help people through should they be in the unfortunate position of losing their job.

Today I am campaigning in Auckland and releasing our policy on infrastructure.

John Key

National Headlines: Keeping you up to date

Labour nine years too slow and too late on health

New Zealanders will be choking on Labour's promise to streamline bureaucracy in the health system and deal with hospital waiting lists. Both things have got worse under Labour, says National's Health spokesman, Tony Ryall.


National: Building for a Brighter future

National Party Leader John Key says a National-led Government will make $8.6 billion available for new infrastructure projects over the next six years, while reducing development delays.

Key welcomes United Future's support

National Party Leader John Key has welcomed a pledge of post-election support from United Future Leader Hon Peter Dunne.


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#1 - Rachel 2008-10-27 18:20 - (Reply)

The 'five headed monster' appears to be gaining traction, according to media reports and what Helen would tell us. Please, please, please pull out all stops in the next two weeks - I feel sick to the stomach at the thought of another Labour-led Government.

#2 - Hali Osborne 2008-10-27 18:25 - (Reply)

It has been said that the National Party will be getting rid of the Family Commission. Is this true and if so why? I have a son who is gay and this will affect him.

#3 - richard izard 2008-10-27 20:41 - (Reply)

you will not build a brighter future with McCully and Williamson. Turiana is brave,pita is dangerous.God help NZ if labour becomes a five headed MONSTER. John,you are doing exceptionally well,even if though you have an idiot at the head of policy.

#4 - Tim Brown said:
2008-10-28 03:12 - (Reply)

John: Just wanted to let you know that this California Kiwi voted National last week (I think Craig Foss is doing agood job), even though it cost me $10.45 to do so! I didn't mind spending the $0.45 to mail my ballot to the Consulate General in L.A. but I though the $10 to have my signatured verified by a Notary Public might stop some people from exercising their franchise. I wonder how many Americans wouldn't vote next week if they had to pay $10 to do so?

#5 - James Findlay 2008-10-28 07:57 - (Reply)

I have again heard John Key claim that Tourism is NZ largest export earner. This will alienate him from the rural vote if he doesn't corrrect it. Agriculture is the largest export earner but is seperated into wool, meat, milk, timber, fishing etc whereas Tourism is all grouped together. I have challanged John about this before and he has concede that Agriculture is the largest earner so please John get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6 - Derryn 2008-10-28 09:03 - (Reply)

John and National Party - its time to fight dirty! Labours silly John/John campaign is begging a response about the Helen we see in election posters (faked!!!) and the Helen we see snarling and smarming her way through the rest of the year. Come on, show NZ you have the cahoonas to take her on and get the nanny state out of power.

#7 - James Read 2008-10-28 10:09 - (Reply)

Congratulations John on attending a Dewali celebration. The recognition that New Zealand is a multi-cultural society, not a bi-cultural one is long overdue. The 9.1 per cent of our fellow citizens who are ethnically Asian has been ignored to long, now they are finding a political voice.

#8 - Louise Williams said:
2008-10-28 12:20 - (Reply)

Only 2 weeks left to fight Helen where she likes to fight - in the ditches... She's running on a campaign of trust and I noted in the NZ Herald the billboard that listed some of the many untrustworthy things she and Labour have done while in power. Now's the time to list them to the public - *remind those in this country with short memories* about Corngate, Paintergate, speeding etc. Helen will be crossing her fingers and toes in hope you won't bring it up!! it's all they've got to campaign on right now...

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