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27 March 2009
Govt congratulates Helen Clark on top UN role

Prime Minister John Key today congratulated Helen Clark on being named the preferred candidate to run the United Nations Development Programme.

"I am delighted that the UN has announced she is the preferred candidate for the job," says Mr Key.

"The Government fully endorsed her application for this position, which will make her the number 3 in the UN.

"This will be the highest diplomatic position held by a New Zealander, and I think we can all take pride in her significant achievement.

"Helen Clark is a highly regarded New Zealander who has credibility on the world stage. Her leadership experience will help ensure she can mobilise resources and represent the UNDP effectively.

"We look forward to the UN General Assembly endorsing the Secretary General's recommendation and finalising the appointment."

The UNDP is the largest UN development agency, with an annual budget of about US$5 billion.

New Zealand works with the UNDP on skills development and government capacity-building programmes in the Pacific, Asia and Latin America, and is also an active member of UNDP's executive board.


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