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08 May 2009
Key Notes No.48


I know that things are hard for many of you at the moment. You may be worried about your job or the jobs of your friends or loved ones. You may be losing customers or having to cut costs. You may be struggling to juggle your household budget.

Despite this, I think the future of New Zealand is still very positive. And I think we can use this recession as an opportunity to boost our future prospects.

I have a very clear vision of where New Zealand can get to and what it is we’re going to succeed at. I believe we are capable of leap-frogging other countries we compete with economically so that New Zealanders are much better off on a relative basis.

We can be wealthier than we are now. We can offer our children better opportunities. We can provide more financial security for our families and better-paying jobs for our young people. And we can have better schools and better hospitals.

This can be a country that more New Zealanders living overseas want to come back to.

Yesterday I gave a speech outlining how I think New Zealand can achieve these things and how our first Budget in Government fits in with that. You can read and comment on it here.


Earlier this week I gave three speeches on two important parts of our primary sector – the dairy industry and our fisheries – which provide high-quality food to the world.

The speeches look at some of the challenges these industries face, and how the National Government wants to make the most of the huge opportunities they provide for our future. You can read and comment on these by clicking on the links below:
- Speech at the launch of the Strategy for New Zealand Dairy Farming
- Speech to the Seafood Industry Conference
- Aquaculture Deed of Settlements


Now that the Government has announced our position on the Royal Commission’s Report into Auckland’s Governance, we’re taking the next step.

This will start with a legislative process that considers the proposed changes, listens to the public, and defines the structure of the Auckland Council and the roles of the local boards. Aucklanders will be invited to contribute their views through select committee hearings in the region over the next few months.

We’ll be sending three Bills to Parliament. The first Bill will be passed into law under urgency. This will put in place some transitional measures that will establish the Auckland Council as a legal entity, set up a transition agency to oversee the changes, and define how the region’s existing councils should work in the meantime – as recommended by the Royal Commission.

The second and third Bills will deal with the structure of the Auckland Council and how councillors are elected, and the roles of the local boards. You will get a chance to have your say on these critical issues as the Bills go through select committee.

If you feel strongly, I hope you will make a submission.


I’m looking forward to the by-election in Mt Albert on Saturday 13 June. I think the National candidate, List MP Melissa Lee, - -will do a great job for the electorate if she is elected. I’ll be visiting Mt Albert from time-to-time over the next few weeks, and I’ll be in the electorate on Saturday morning campaigning.


I was deeply shocked to learn about the death of Senior Constable Len Snee in Napier yesterday. Len has made the greatest sacrifice anyone can make for their community. I know that his family will be absolutely devastated, and my thoughts are with them.


John Key
Prime Minister

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#1 - gordon gray 2009-05-08 17:34 - (Reply)

John its nice to read that you are concerned about the death of constable Snee, but it would be far more reassuring if something was done (and quickly) to resolve this situation. Whats wrong with alittle whiff of tear gas for starters followed up by a couple of stun grenades?

#2 - Vettori 2009-05-08 18:19 - (Reply)

It is AWESOME to see JK's genuine support for Constable Snee and his family. All our thoughts are with them and those of the Police Officers and neighbour who are critically wounded. Is the PM available to follow Minister Collins excellent example and also visit Napier?

#3 - Sarah Williams 2009-05-08 22:19 - (Reply)

Dear Mr Key - in response to your item on Auckland Governance; FRANKLIN the diverse FRANKLIN the functional FRANKLIN the rural FRANKLIN the unique and highly productive home of a multi-cultural community who work locally and afield has EARNED and PROVED it's right to be independent of any city. Tell me and my kids who have never been into the big city, what does the city of Auckland offers US - all I see is what our northern city of Auckland wants down our way. Lifestyle..vegetables..sunday drives...WATER..hmm. ONE MAYOR? instead of many who argue over priorities? - I like our mayor and I don't want any other, I don't care what a Lord Mayor prefers for viaduct development - do what you like in there, just stop driving wildly on our narrow roads on your Sunday drive. ACCESS TO INFRASTRUCTURE? There is none that comes down this way. Do you want to put me on the sewer system. Its 25kms to the nearest one thanks. ACCESS TO MOVIE THEATRES? I heard the offer. No thanks, the drive..the car parking cost..the vandalism.. I'll rent a DVD from my local dairy and make my own smaller environmental footprint. I IMPLORE Mr Key, please leave Franklin as we are, and let us retain what we have earned down here. Anyone want to join me at 4:30am to dish out the hay and top up the chillblains? we may not seem so metropolitan at that hour.

#4 - Jane Binstead 2009-05-08 23:03 - (Reply)

How very refreshing to see young people referred to as 'children' instead of 'kids'.

#5 - Reza Rezai Yazd 2009-05-09 23:15 - (Reply)

Dear Sir john Key, New zealand respect of PM I want to support you and Your country( as my country) all any thing. Dear sir, I love New zealand and Get ready to do any thing in my country , NZ.I keen interest to effort for growth all aspacts so i would like to be great supporter for new zealand future. Your sincerely, reza rezai yazd [admin: edited to remove contact details]

#6 - Patricia Adair 2009-05-10 13:28 - (Reply)

I watched the interview between Paul Holmes and the two candidates for Mt. Albert this morning. While it is obvious that Melissa Lee is a well educated woman can I ask her to tone down on her 'put down' attitude which came across badly this morning. The Labour candidate though seemingly out of his depth at the moment on matters relating to Mt. Albert because of his absence from N.Z. came over as a good caring person. It is early days yet but mud slinging is the best way of losing votes. Can she be taken in hand?

#7 - Kevin O'Brien 2009-05-11 09:08 - (Reply)

I could not believe when I read the other day where a thug who terrorised an 83 year old women sought a reduced sentance from the 17 years non parole term he was given and the Court saw fit to take 2 years off. He should have had time added on for his cheek and no doubt added anguish for this elderly lady as a result of the case. When will the Courts get the idea that we voted for heavy sentences and they should be delivering.

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