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18 June 2009
Launch of insulation and heating scheme

18 June. John talks about the launch of the government's new insulation and heating scheme, followed by speeches at the event in Christchurch from Hon Gerry Brownlee and John.


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#1 - William Knight said:
2009-06-19 11:58 - (Reply)

I commend you for the initiative. God knows NZ homes need the help - particularly at the moment. But I wonder what you intend to do about rental properties. How will you force landlords to update the insulation? How will you make them disclose the efficiency -or other wise - of the heating and lighting systems in the house? I've given this post a mention in ThisNZLife's weekly blog roundup. Regards

#2 - Elaine Cradock 2009-06-23 13:53 - (Reply)

Hi John Great idea about home insulation, keeping kiwis warmer. We had our house done on the previous goverment scheme last year and it has made a great deal of difference to us. Our house is dryer and warmer, easy to heat. I am so pleased that National is carrying on with the scheme, I would love to see our pensioners who live in old cold homes have insulation. Regards Elaine

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